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Introducing Anam Cara

Introducing Anam Cara

As this is our first blog entry Kath and I thought it would be good to introduce ourselves. Anam Cara is a name we have adopted for our skincare products because it means a lot to us. As you may know already, Anam Cara comes from the ancient traditions of Celtic Spirituality, where love is life, and life is love, which is important to us, and is a Gaelic term for Soul Friend, which is how we know one another.

When we dig a little deeper we realised that Anam Cara is also about community, relationships, and nature, interwoven together in harmony. We have illustrated this in our image, with the 3 strands representing relationships, community, and nature. In the centre is a heart, which is about the love that keeps the 3 strands together.

But the heart has a greater significance for us too, found In our business cards where we have the strapline:


Alongside love for others, community, and nature, we have love for ourselves. Kath first created the soaps because she was concerned that what she was putting onto her body goes into her body and too. As a keen whole food, plant-based enthusiast, she created a soap that was purely natural and vegan. But she also wanted a soap that enlivens and invigorates the senses of smell, touch, and sight too, naturally. So she got busy with healing clays, dried flowers, herbs and essential oils, and tried out different shapes and sizes, to come up with an experience that refreshes the soul too. We now have products that are kind to our bodies, invigorating for the soul, and restful for the mind and safe for the environment too.

She worked hard at testing and refining the products, until she was satisfied with the end result. Then, on a whim, she decided to have a go at selling her soaps at craft fairs, and was so encouraged by customers’ reactions, she just kept on going. Through the constructive feedback of our customers there were further refinements and development of new products, including our hand and body moisturisers, face creams, skin rejuvenating serums, hair elixirs, beard oils and shaving creams.

As always, I was slow off the mark, despite seeing our kitchen being turned into a small production facility and book shelves being filled with curing soaps, eventually I was roped into doing some craft fairs. Now, we have incorporated into our Anam Cara relationship, the running of our Anam Cara business, building our community together as we go, and always looking to care for nature in whatever we do.

Of course, as a business, we want to be competitive and we believe the quality of our products sell themselves. However, we also wanted to set a price that reflects the use of quality ingredients, luxurious skincare products, that can used every day, not just for special occasions.

We know that love is also about giving something special to those special to us, and we hope our skincare products can represent something of how you feel about the Anam Caras in your lives too!

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